Children's Books about Firefighters!
By Staff
October 19, 2022

We are running a local fundraiser to raise donations in order to purchase children's books about firefighters!
There are two amazing books, "Firefighters" and "Busy Day: Firefighters."

We want to have these books on hand for all occasions; homeschool field trips, school visits, and those unexpected times when a child stops a firefighter on the street.

Can you consider a small donation to show support for our community? Every little bit helps! If you can't right now, that's okay! Just a quick share can also help our cause.

You can learn more and/or donate right here-

There is also another way to support our cause! By purchasing books for your own family, we will receive even more books for the children! Link to browse books here-

Thank you so much for helping support our community!

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