Suspension of Annual Safety Inspection Fees
By Fire Chief Jon Cokefair
May 20, 2020

At the May 14, 2020 Fire District Meeting, the Board of Trustees of the First Fire Protection District of Antioch Township had a discussion on how they as a board could do their part to assist the struggling businesses in Antioch during the COVID-19 closures order by the Governor of Illinois. After the brief discussion, the Board motioned and approved to suspend the collection of the Annual Safety inspection Fees for the District’s 20-21 budget cycle. As reference, per Ordinance (2018), the Fire District collects $50 to $1000 per business annually for Fire Safety Inspections. Fees are based on the business classification and the hazards each business has on site. Currently, anticipated revenue for these inspections are approximately $20,000 per year. The District Board instructed the Fire Chief to adjust the 20-21 Budget accordingly to reflect the reduction in revenue. The Board unanimously agreed that they too are struggling to meet the growing demands of the Fire Districts obligations however, they wanted to support our local businesses. The Board did state they will revisit these fees during the next budget cycle as our economy recovers. Board President Dean Pedersen stated, “We are very concerned with our future obligations however, we need to do what we can to help ensure our businesses will re-open safely.”

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Jon Cokefair
Fire Chief