COVID-19 update
By Assistant Chief Rich Meltzer
March 21, 2020

Dear Residents, Businesses, and Supporters of the First Fire Protection District,

Due to the unusual and ever-changing health conditions that we all are seeing and experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to promote effective social distancing, effective immediately we will only be allowing visitors with an EMERGENCY SITUATION at any one of the three (3) stations right now.

Unfortunately, this means all public appearances such as block parties, station tours, CPR classes, or like events have been canceled or will not be scheduled for the time being.
This is for your safety and ours as we strive to continually provide this community and those that visit the best possible service we can by remaining on top of the ever-changing dynamics of this current health issue.

Along with this change, we also will not be accepting any food donations or such items at this time. We do want to let you know that we greatly appreciate the time and gesture and the members do enjoy them. We again just want to remain healthy to serve you as well as we don't wish to transmit anything we may come across to you or your family either.

We do, and always will appreciate the generosity and continued support of this community and we will update this when the conditions change.

Our officers and members are constantly being updated on the COVID-19 pandemic and are having daily meetings with Village, County, and State officials to stay on top of the recommendations and best practices in order to treat everyone in this ever-fluid and changing health issue.

We also strongly encourage everyone to remain calm, watch out for your loved ones and neighbors and to continue to follow the current health recommendations of the:

Lake County Health Department…/Coronavirus-Disease-2019-COV…

Illinois Department of Public Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

We will continue to update everyone as information becomes available.

The Trustees, Officers, and Members of the First Fire Protection District of Antioch Township

Hyperlinks: Lake County Health Department
Illinois Department of Public Health
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)