2019 Graduates of the Fire Academy
By Staff
November 22, 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates of the Northwest Lake County Fire Training Cooperative Fire Academy.
Pictured Left to Right
D/C Jim Cook, FF Tyler Koutny, FF Sean Johnson, FF Todd Dombrowski, Chief Jon Cokefair, FF Raeanne Adler, FF Amie Griepentrog, and B/C Tim Taylor.

FF Raeanne Adler was named Co-Valedictorian for the 2019 Class
FF Raeanne Adler and FF Tyler Koutny were members of the 2019 Candidate Fire Company of the Year

A special thanks to the Program Director Capatin Jay Vandeberg for producing another class of quality Firefighters.

Congratulations, with school behind you the hard work and learning begins.
Be Safe....