First Fire Protection District seeks Tax Referendum in March of 2020
By Fire Chief Jon Cokefair
October 18, 2019

With the calls for service on the rise, the members of the First Fire Protection District struggle to reach our goal of making contact with 90% of the callers within 6 minutes. In 2019 we are tracking 3600 calls for service, that is up 12% in 2 years.
With 8.5 million dollars in building assets deteriorating, the department cannot keep up on the repairs needed on your aging firehouses.
Since 2016 we have collected good data where we are able to track the payer mix of the people who use our ambulance service. We have good data on the types of calls and where they occur in the district.
Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a shortfall of funds to best take care of your 8.5 million dollars in building assets. We find ourselves short of being able to continue building on our non-traditional model of Contract and Part-time employee model. A model that keeps the First Fire Protection District OUT of the pension crisis.
The Board of Trustees of the First Fire Protection District of Antioch have had lengthy discussions on the need to get in front of the growth and to care for our aging infrastructure. The only solution is to ask for this tax increase. (Info in the Powerpoint)
We must ask 2 questions, one for the EMS limiting rate and one for our Corporate limiting rate. If our residents understand are needs and approve both questions, the residents will realize an increase of approximately $82.00 per $100,000 market value on their homes. This will generate approximately 1.5 million dollars per year allowing us to add the needed staff to meet service levels and begin to repair assets.

After the holidays we will be hosting several town hall meetings that will allow the resident the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to help them better understand our position and needs.

Please feel free to contact Chief Cokefair if you wish to host a meeting or would like to meet to help better understand our mission.

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