Antioch Firefighters Participate to Battle Lung Disease
By Staff
February 26, 2019

As we were waking up for our morning cup of coffee on February 24th, these dedicated Antioch Firefighters were up doing some good in this world. They were preparing to traverse the 100 floors of the Old Hancock Building ( Chicago Hustle) in Chicago to help raise awareness to the fight against Lung Disease. Their moto " We're Breathing Heavy So You Don't Have To" . We are and should be proud of how they are representing the Antioch Community.
Back Row: Tammy Johnson, Mike Kueber, Max Quinnett, Nick Lienhardt
Front Row: Vickie, Rae, Leah Meltzer, Yohanna Larra, Tiffany Carpender, Micheal Kerlin

Since 1998, Hustle ChicagoSM participants have raised more than $17 million in the local
fight against lung disease. Thank you!
Together, we are making a difference by providing scientists with local research funding
(lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and COPD), by delivering programs to help kids living
with asthma and adults living with COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis), and by
passing laws to reduce youth smoking and promote clean and renewable energy in
Illinois, benefiting everyone who breathes. None of this would be possible without your
And that is just the beginning. As RHA closes out its 112th year of service in metropolitan
Chicago and beyond, we remain deeply committed to programs and initiatives that will
prevent lung disease, promote clean air and help people live better lives. Your support
makes this possible.
If you are climbing for a loved one touched by lung disease, our thoughts are with you.
Today you are making a difference in the fight against lung disease. For more
information regarding our programs, or to explore some of our website resources, please